An outstanding and inspirational Australian leader who loves to give and share..

Bold, fearless and compassionate. Whilst this may sound contradictory, this epitomises what we aspire to in our leaders.

Mark Matthews
Chief Operations Officer

Business for Development

In 2009 at Riccardo's presentation in Adelaide we were asked to visualize a goal, not just think about it but live and breathe it as if we were actually there. "Standing on top of a mountain" popped into my head, and it felt great!

So I kept thinking about it, over and over again! Within 6 months in 2010, I was standing on top of Mount Cook in New Zealand at 8am on Australia Day.

I watched a fitter, more experienced, yet not mentally prepared climber fail to summit on the day. It was physically the hardest thing I have ever done, but mentally one of the easiest because I lived the moment over a thousand times in my mind.

Riccardo's teachings work!

I'm so pleased I was able to personally thank Riccardo in 2015.

Brett Sandercock
General Manager

project easy

I had the pleasure of seeing Riccardo present “Great Leadership”.

The session outlined the traits and actions required to gain the trust of those whom you lead.

It was a well-structured and planned presentation with some great takeaways, none bigger for me than with clear intent and acceptance of responsibility, there is nothing to hold us back other than ourselves, during the presentation I had some moments of realisation.

If you get the opportunity to see Ricardo present make sure you take up the opportunity - you will be doing yourself and your team an injustice if you don’t.

Rob Milam
General Manager

I'm still buzzing from last night's presentation on leadership by Riccardo Bosi.

Presentations on leadership are a dime-a-dozen so why was this one different? Riccardo is obviously well read, and time in Australia's Special Forces as a Lieutenant Colonel hasn't harmed him either.

What I saw and experienced last night engaged the heart, the lion heart, because of the integrity with which it was presented.

  • We were not told what to do.
  • We were not given a rehash of other people's ideas.
  • We did not sit idly by and listen.

Instead, Riccardo Bosi shared his view of leadership in a manner that let you take what worked for you and leave what didn't.

Leadership showing deep respect for those in the room.

David C. Buchan
Business and Life Coach

  • He has definitely inspired me to be better than I am.

  • He has empowered me to be able to go that extra mile, to really stretch out and reach for that goal and overcome any obstacle.

  • I wasn't sure what to expect but this is exactly what I was hoping it would be.

  • The amount of emotion evoked in that short session was overwhelming. I don't think anyone could admit that they didn't look inside themselves and see the opportunity.

  • If I want to overcome some of the fears I have I believe the tools Riccardo provided us with will help me to conquer them.

  • It is a pity we are not getting a special dose (shot) of Riccardo Bosi on a weekly basis.

Future Net
Business Leaders Program


Many thanks for your excellent presentation last week. The feedback was excellent. Some of my toughest members rated you as "the real deal" on leadership.

Ian Neal
Chair TEC 11

Hi Riccardo

Thank you so much for yesterday. We have had nothing but rave reviews for your presentation. It was exactly what we were hoping for. 

Tanya Wilkins
Senior Manager Internal Communications
NRMA Motoring & Services

In more than 30 years military service, none of the many leadership courses I've done explained better or more simply, concepts for success than Riccardo Bosi's presentations.

His punchy style can be confronting one minute, moving the next and inspirational a moment later and it always leaves you thinking and wanting more…’

Lieutenant Commander Glenda Shaw CSC RAN


I just farewelled my team as they left the conference to fly home. They left with hearts and minds full of ideas and possibilities.

Your words had a profound effect on each and every one of them.

Carolyn Majda
General Manager - Insurance Services
Terri Scheer Insurance Pty Ltd

  • The guy has passion, experience & knowledge.

  • Fantastic, inspirational speaker.

  • Educational & inspiring.

  • It would have been great to have a longer session.

  • Excellent content, great communicator and easy to relate to.

Australian Institute of Management
Young Professionals Group

  • Thanks for organising this.

  • Best Development day in the history of development days.

  • Empowering, inspirational and enjoyable.

  • Provided tools to enable one to "have the balls to make the calls".

  • To have faith in ones own capabilities.

  • Strive to "lift the bar", you CAN always improve.

  • Let’s blast away all the negativity and show the world what PTS really can do."

Western Power Training Staff

  • In the last three and a half hours, I have learned from you more about myself, than I have ever learnt in my life.

  • I thank you greatly and sincerely, and I want you to know that if nothing else, you have changed my life for the better.

  • Fantastic it has inspired me - need more of this style of training.

  • I get it, I get it, I get it, thank you Riccardo for entrenching my belief in myself to lead.

  • Challenging presentation that will cause me to examine my leadership style and approach.

Department of Defence
Australian Government

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