The Five Pillars of Real Leadership


Simply the most useful and impactful book on Real Leadership

Our world is entering challenging and even dangerous times.

So, you have a choice.

You can continue to wait for someone else to come to your rescue, or you can take responsibility for your future and the future of those whom you love.

Once you truly decide ‘enough is enough’, when your purpose is clear and your motivation is strong, only then will you cross that fateful line to take the lead.

But the desire to lead is not enough, you must know how to unite people to achieve good.

The good news is that this book was written specifically to help you do it

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A Personal View

"It is not the responsibility of the Government nor the people of Australia to establish trust with you. It is up to you to establish trust with us and at the risk of repeating myself, this trust must be earned. You are guests in our home. Yes you are welcome here but watch your step..

"A great reflective piece......"

"An excellent article from an unimpeachable source.."

"Very powerful. Your thoughts would be echoed by many of us. I too was an immigrant, not born here, but I have always called this my home, my country and will always honor that. No where else do I call home.

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